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ICSOlutions was established in 2014, keeping Registered Office in Lahore, Pakistan. ICSOlutions is a leading provider of contact center outsourcing solutions and IT solutions & services bringing together the core strategic capabilities of operations, technology, and human capital management to enable partners to maximize their marketing, sales and service ROI (Return of Investment).

Our flexible services help find the talent needed to succeed in today’s evolving customer-first culture. Our skilled candidates range from call center and customer service representatives to bilingual and multimedia specialists, and more.

ICSOlutions has a tremendous track record in achieving and exceeding our partners’ program goals. This has been accomplished through dedicated and skilled staff, proven best practices, and our investment in technology, designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of every partner engagement.

IC-solutions.io provide all computing solutions without putting you in any hasel and provide all SEO,SMM,Application Development,Web Development, Domian Hosting, and etc.

Ic Solutions

Business Law


Develop & Represent Unique Things

We think fast and code even faster. We build on any language and customization you want.

Intellectual Property


Trademark, Copyright & Patent

We solve problems,identify opportunities,refine product ideas and devise strategies.

Tax Law


Maintain & Grow your Vision

We create products that can be easily managed, without putting you through any hassle.

Process Service


SEO & SMM facilities

We help clients with making their products reach the right market and provide intensive outcome..


Our Core Competencies


Collaborative Skillset

Collaborative lawyers trust the wisdom of the group; lone wolves and isolationists do not do any good anymore.


Emotional Intelligence

Distant, detached lawyers are relics of the 20th century, the market no longer wants a lawyer who is only half a person.


Technological Affinity

If you can not effectively and efficiently use e-communications, and mobile tech, you might as well just stay home.


Time Management

Virtually a substantial part of lawyers difficulties in this regard lie with their inability to prioritise their time.